The best way to pray to God is Love his creation.

Vision of Mahila Vikas Kendra Purnea
To Co-operate and join hands of funding agencies for the high impact of flowing welfare and development programmes of Government and general lawful activities.

Mission of Mahila Vikas Kendra Purnea
The mission of MahilaVikas Kendra Purnea is to promote the rural development of society. We involve the people right from the planning stage. Our focus is especially on to promote the social justice as provision of and distribution of comprehensive education, community health & development, mother & child care. Women Empowerment through SHG we believe that a community grows better when it is encouraged to undertake whatever it can do for itself. Our services are available to all irrespective of caste, colour, creed, sex or any such other narrow sectarian considerations.
  • Total Human Development.
  • To enhance the income and net wealth of the Indian People.
  • Intensive efforts for Nation’s Prosperity and Peace.
  • Be a supporting hand of under-privileged and helpless.
  • Keep nation to stand with developed country.
  • Root out the Social-evils, support the helpless and develop ability and skill for resource utility, which will result into nation’s prosperity.